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Our basic culinary philosophy is based on the traditional local cuisine with creative touches and interventions that characterize the dishes.
The combination of traditional recipes from Epirus with the Mediterranean diet and pure local products and herbs, compose the final product, offering creative and imaginative dishes, highlighting the quality, the taste and the aesthetic.
Several recipes are influenced by the inexhaustible cuisine of Constantinople. A cuisine for all seasons.
Traditional dishes are prepared by modern methods, while their appearance, is a pleasant surprise that brings to the surface delicious memories of the past which travel you to a game of taste and imagination.

We aspire to successfully redefine the food culture of Epirus, with a creative cuisine that includes elements from the Constantinople cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.
The constant search for flavour combinations and the emphasis given on seasonal products, has as a result the frequent renewal of the menu (every three months).

  • Strictly selected materials.
  • Modern and certified equipment which allows secure transportation and maintenance of the highest quality up to the moment of consumption.
  • Trained staff provides excellent service.

Quality policy

Catering Frontzu Politia - Quality policy There are no compromises when it comes to quality issues. The materials used, come from selected suppliers, through a long lasting collaboration, and they comply with all the relevant quality standards. Our modern equipment operates under stringent standards and special emphasis is given on the proper storage of raw materials. The delicacies are transferred with certified privately-owned vehicles, so as to ensure the absolute quality control from the manufacture process until their consumption.


Catering Frontzu Politia - Certifications Our products and our services are certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO22000: 2005 (HACCP). Thorough quality control at every stage of production, from raw material to the finished product is an assurance that every meal is of top quality. Employees abide faithfully and apply the hygiene standards of the 93/43 EEC norm.

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